Rainbow Pirate Rudder Brass Fidget Hand Spinner Finger Gyro Toy EDC (clearance)


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✔REDUCE STRESS AND RELIEVE ANXIETY: Feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Remove stress and calm anxiety with our relaxing Finger Spinner. Put your mind at ease as you play with it and let it spin.
✔IMPROVE FOCUS AND CONCENTRATION: Do you have a difficult time concentrating? Instantly increase focus and productivity with the help our finger spinner. Our spinner improves brain efficiency and helps the ideas flow. It is the perfect solution for fidgeting fingers at school or work.
✔EXTENDED SPIN TIME: Our high performance bearings offer longer spin time. Our spinner is designed for smoother, faster, and longer spins than our competition.
✔TAKE IT ANYWHERE: Our Finger Spinner is perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle. The compact size allows for a fit inside any pocket. With our spinner's portability you can bring the fun anywhere!