Fidget Pad

Fidget Pad

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New Decompression Handle Black Technical Anxiety Toys Smoking Cessation Autism Toys

Size: 73.12mm * 36mm * 26.07mm

Material features: ABS material surface rubber paint, feel first-class, this handle has nine functions, each have their own unique decompression effect.

Function: decompression, decompression, anxiety, irritability and other relief.

There are five buttons on the side - three of them click and generate noise, both remain silent.

The glider is similar to the joystick on the game's remote control and can be switched back and forth.

There are three gears on one side, similar to the combination lock on the briefcase and the ball with built-in click function.

The loop function has a crease rotation to get your support.

This product is designed for people who can not keep fingers, and whether you are a click, a flash, a roller, or a rotator. Please note that there are two buttons silent. In the work will not affect others.

The box includes a new Fidget handle pad (black)

Please note: there is a slight difference in the measurement